Computer Lab, Library Lab, & Multipurpose Room:

  • Treat these rooms as you would your own classroom.
    • Ensure desks/chairs are straightened.
    • Ensure floors and desks are clean of trash and personal belongings.
    • Erase whiteboards.
    • Ensure all scholars have logged off the computers.
    • (Library Lab) Ensure MacBooks are returned to the computer cart.


Mobile Carts:

  • You, as the teacher, are responsible for the cart while it is in your classroom. Here are our tips and policies to maintain and secure them properly.
  • Power
    • Be sure to keep the cart plugged into the wall power outlet at all times.
    • Be sure to always plug the computers into power when they are returned to the cart.
    • Be sure to return computers to the cart to charge as often as needed.
    • Always return all computers to the cart at the end of the school day.
  • Key
    • Always lock the cart when you leave your room.
    • Keep the cart key in a concealed location (not on top of the cart or in the keyhole).
  • Organization
    • Return the computers to their properly numbered cubby in the cart.
    • Keep the wires organized.
  • Check Out
    • Carts can typically be checked out immediately prior to your reservation or at the end of the day before.
    • To check out a cart, pickup the key from the keyboard on the wall in the technology office.
    • Unplug and take the cart from the library to your room.
  • Check In
    • Carts should be checked in ASAP (no later than the end of the same school day) after your reservation.
    • Return the key to the keyboard in the technology office.
    • Return the cart to the library and plug it in.


  • Please report all computer malfunctions and problems by submitting a ticket ASAP so that the technology department can perform any repairs needed.